DarkatSurvival is proud to release our newest city...


Please read ahead to find out how you can help the citizens of this marvelous city!  



The city of Grapetopia is an oasis in the desert. It’s soaring walls provide the citizens protection from many evils. There is, however, one evil that is more powerful than the good people of Grapetopia can handle.

There once was benevolent god who ruled over Grapetopia. Over the centuries, Grapeicus, as he was called, became tainted by power. He began to feed off the adoration of his citizens.

As Grapeicus became even more narcissistic, his desire for more power turned dark. The citizens of Grapetopia began, in turn, to become evil themselves.

One kind elder, The Holy Grape, became worried that Grapetopia would become so  corrupt that it would fall to ruin.

He secretly contacted the Wizard Council of Winterbrisk, The Thane Dwalden of Meggarohm and the mayor of Conderial City, begging for assistance.

Although normally not the closest of allies, each leader agreed to help Grapetopia. They issued edicts in each town to kill the Evil Grapes on sight!

Once the Evil Grapes die, their souls become trapped in an amethyst crystal. These crystals then may be used to free the Grape’s soul and redeem them from evil.

It is your challenge to kill these possessed Grapes and find your way to where Grapeicus is hiding. The crystals are your key to wealth as they also are tradable in Grapetopia.

While the vast legions of Darkat are fighting to free the souls of the Grapes, Grapeicus remains ensconced in the lost altar of Grapetopia. He has barricaded himself and many of his minions within the underground fortress and are proving hard to unseat.

The Holy Grape and the remaining citizens of Grapetopia BEG you to help!

Use your bold weapons and powerful magic to defeat these evil doers and destroy Grapeicus!

As the dark magic has woven a spell over Grapetopia, you must be stealthy in your approach to the city. Follow the clues we have left for you to find the way to Grapetopia and find your way into history as the savior of this city.

You may recall to Grapetopia to begin your adventure or follow the clues and gain a powerful weapon to use in your quest against evil.

The first clue may be found at the Harbor recall.

Enjoy your journey. The people of Grapetopia thank you!


~Flash and Scott

[Founder] darkatflash Have fun everyone!! Scott has worked very hard creating this wondrous city! Thank you, Scottster_ <3

**News Flash**


We have exciting news!! If you haven't already heard... DarKatSurvival has gone PUBLIC!!!

After many months of hard work, we are so pleased to announce that DarKatSurvival is now officially open to the public!

From exploring to building to mining to dueling, DarKatSurvival offers endless things to explore and enjoy.

We are a private, not-for-profit server that was created by our founders out of our love for Minecraft, Magic and Gameplay.

We love all things Minecraft and offer ongoing Events along with Holiday Themed and Special Occasion Events and Contests! Every Event is filled with new items, new challenges and sometimes a new spell or two! 

We have more than half a dozen cities ready to explore and hundreds of loot chests to be found in every corner of our world... 

If that's not enough to keep you rolling in the dough, DarKatSurvival has over 37 active quests (so far) with thousands of pieces to obtain and puzzles to solve.

We have a Mining World which is a no holds barred true survival experience where everything is legal! Yep, that's right! Murder! Theft! Griefing! But there are perks to this wild world... the Mining World is full of EXTREME rewards with an enhanced map that offers extra loot, extra mobs and extra excitement! The Mining World also regens to replenish the bounty! Make your fortune here... if you dare!

Speaking of danger... DarKatSurvival is a Minecraft survival experience with the addition of magic. Mobs roam freely and some have even grown and evolved into *gulp* boss mobs! All is not lost, though. DarKatSurvival offers you Protection Stones in which you can protect your property and belongings with peace of mind. Your builds, chests and pets are safe from harm! *please use the protection stones properly to ensure maximum protection

For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can sell to other players to your heart's content! Sell your loot, mining hauls, mob drops and more with signs in a shop you built yourself or rent a player shop in one of our many cities. As we are still in beta mode, we are adding to just about all of our features on a daily basis! *there is a limit of one shop per player per city. total of FIVE shops per player please.

Not wild about building? Rent a home in player housing! Our furnished homes are designed for every taste and budget. Check out housing in Conderial City to see for yourself! *player housing available soon

If this sample of things to do isn't impressive enough, imagine doing it all with MAGIC! DarKatSurvival has a magic to suit your style with spells tailored to your choice of element: Earth, Fire Water and Air. Each element has over 80 spells and you can create ALL FOUR! Use your spells for mining, hunting, dueling and more!

All of this and much, much more awaits you at DarKatSurvival. Come and experience it for yourself! Check out this short preview video!


~DarkatFlash   Founder

For all of you players who are already part of the family of DarKatSurvival whitelist "guinea pigs" and test players, we want to thank you for helping us as we grow and learn! We couldn't have done it without you all! Every time you log on, DarKatSurvival benefits and we thank you for sharing yourselves with us. We have had such a fun time creating this world for all of us to enjoy and we hope to have you in our world for many more fun times! 

Thank you, also, for the hardworking volunteer family of staff we have here. we DEFINITELY could not do this without you! <3

love, ~flash

[Lead Dev] GentleGravel \o/ Finally! We have all waiting for this moment.
[Mage] Quinnzly Oh so you're calling yourself NewsFlash now? :p
TheDoctorIsIn Woop! So happy for all you to see all our hard work! &lt;3


announces a sneak peek at...

The Mesa Canyon

New adventures await you in the newest release at DarkatSurvival.

Discoveries are found every second as survival reveals more and more.

We welcome you to the Mesa Canyon.

For all of you explorers at heart, we present to you the breathtaking Mesa Canyon created by our very own Sophorrific. With a border of more than 200 x 200, this canyon challenge is made as much for beginners as for advanced players.

But beware! This mesa gorge is home for the nest of terrible spiders that you have probably met in The Gauntlet!

Zombie and skeletons cluster night and day as well as the nightmarish Warlocks!

Follow the quest to discover a scenery straight out of your fantasies!

Come find hidden treasure with the use of spells like blast or nuke!

The possibilities abound as you can cast any spells in this sandbox, or simply go for mob drops or a daily loot run.

Playable now, complete attractions available this weekend! See you there!


[Lead Dev] GentleGravel Can't wait to try it ^_^
FLiiiPENDO x Looks neato

It's baaaack!

Back from the depths of the coding world comes

The Gauntlet

For those of you not familiar with this dungeon of terror, please read ahead...

if you dare!

DarkatSurvival’s Own Hardcore Dungeon challenge located in Meggarohm

Looking for the ultimate challenge? Think you can handle the heat? Not afraid of a few extra battles? The Gauntlet is a Hardcore Dungeon type experience created for the bravest of the brave and the most cunning players:

Your objective in The Gauntlet:

The Dwarves of Meggarohm have been gathering a huge fortune over the decades and have hidden a Secret Hoard of Riches. Your objective is to traverse  the dungeon and acquire some of the wealth for yourself! Players must search the dungeon, negotiate a maze, cross over several challenging parkours, and solve their way to open the final room where a Boss is lying in wait in order to complete this Gauntlet. Sound simple? Not so fast! Players will need to fight Boss Mobs ALL throughout the map while finding seven doors to seven threats. But there’s a catch! The doors must be opened in sequence to move forward! The players will receive random “exclusive to Meggarohm” drops during this challenge that may be collected and traded to an NPC for Gold $ or saved. Do it over again and again, IF you can! These harder Boss Mobs also drop increased SP and goodies! The challenge has been made. Players and staff, try your best!

We hope to see you there!

TheDoctorIsIn Attempted it. Died within 1 minute. Will not attempt again :p
[Founder] darkatflash Me too!!! :)

Darkat Survival presents to you the newest addition to our familly: Big things come in small packages!
The reward will be "grape"!

Nicholson535 x Aww, can't see his legs
Noah_Deathrose This mob belongs to my Lord, The Grape Lord Scoot! XD
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