Hello, everyone!

Today I have some news. I recently made a DarkatSurvival mod that adds some recipes to JustEnoughItems. This mod simply adds fake placeholders for some magic items in the server, and then shows the recipes in JEI. The items themselves in the mod do absolutely nothing, and cannot be crafted.

Not all items have been added, however, but most of the items in the Crafting section of the forums have, excluding the armor. The mod is also only available for 1.11.2 at the moment.

Have a great rest of the day!

Lead Developer @ DarkatSurvival

Requires JustEnoughItems.
Minecraft 1.11.2: JEI-DKS-1.0.0.jar
2) Insert JAR of the mod into .minecraft/mods folder (minecraft/mods for mac)
JEI Items
JEI Earth Wand Crafting Recipe
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