Exciting news!

DarKat Survival is so very excited to announce big big news!

Today officially marks our ONE YEAR anniversary! One year ago today, DKS opened as a private, whitelisted server and we have come a long way since that day!


Also today, we are taking a big step towards bigger and better things! DarKat Survival is moving to a new server host!


We are moving to a server which will enable us to have many more players, more magic, more quests, more fun and less lag!


So, from THIS point on, NO data will be saved as we transition to the new host.


DarKat Survival will be offline as our wonderful devs, GentleGravel and Sophorrific make the move.

Please be aware that it is most likely that ANYTHING you do, build or create will NOT be saved from this point until further notice.

Our devs have told us that this will probably take somewhere between 5 to 12 hours in total.


Thank you so much for being with us as we enter a new phase of DarKat Survival!!


~Flash, Spock and Sophorrific and all the wonderful staff

* We will announce when the move is complete! At that time our new domain name will be released. Stay tuned!

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