Hiyaa, everyone!

After 3 long weeks, the DarkatSurvival server is back!

We cannot wait to get back to survival with the players and we are excited to see what is next to come!
The founders and staff have been working these past few weeks, behind the scenes, to create exciting new projects.
These projects will be brought to life in the next few months! You will not believe what is coming!

Thank you for your patience during this time of of despair!
But seriously, thank you for your loyalty, we truely do appreciate each and every one of you!
See you all in survival! <3

- DarkatSurvival Staff Team

                                     Happy Holidays @everyone ! 
All of us staff at DarkatSurvival would love to thank you all for the amazing year with us! We have all experienced the growth and expansion of our wonderful server together. It would not have been able to happen without our players! On this note, we would love to release to you the main portion of our winter 2017 event!
   This event has been put together over the past month by our very own, committed Event Team! You can collect legendary gifts and buy festive collectables with a new currency developed for this special occasion! How do you get to this event you may ask? Warp to the Harbor and talk to the Santa Clause NPC. Then travel to the Event Info house to begin your adventure We hope to see all of you at the event ! 

Hello, everyone!

Today I have some news. I recently made a DarkatSurvival mod that adds some recipes to JustEnoughItems. This mod simply adds fake placeholders for some magic items in the server, and then shows the recipes in JEI. The items themselves in the mod do absolutely nothing, and cannot be crafted.

Not all items have been added, however, but most of the items in the Crafting section of the forums have, excluding the armor. The mod is also only available for 1.11.2 at the moment.

Have a great rest of the day!

Lead Developer @ DarkatSurvival

Requires JustEnoughItems.
Minecraft 1.11.2: JEI-DKS-1.0.0.jar
2) Insert JAR of the mod into .minecraft/mods folder (minecraft/mods for mac)
JEI Items
JEI Earth Wand Crafting Recipe
[Archmage] Chefster_ Yeah awesome !! u need to give me a tutorial tho :p dont know how to get mods hehe. im a noob in that sort of stuff :d

Hello guys!
I want to announce some stuff that we recently created

We are proud to announce the addition of 8 tropical fish, a sea monster and sharks in the biome Ocean and deep-ocean

and we have opened the 4th dungeon as well, the pirate ship!!!

It is for now accessible by spawn, on a sign that says warp to pirate_deck

Have fun, more great stuff to come!


All Moved In!

Great News EVERYONE!

The MAGIC is back on and the server has finally been moved to its new location,

its new ip address is

PLEASE give a huge thank you to SOPhorrific and GentleGravel 

and the staff at Fallout Hosting for making the move possible.

Now everyone get to building and dueling!!

[Founder] darkatflash woohoo!! time for some fun!! :)
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